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Baker Wardlaw
On an invitation fromElisa Langlois

information event (red), 2021

Whether it is by displacing ready-made objects or creating works using minimalistic codes, Baker Wardlaw dissects contemporary economic facts and structures by restaging a loaded symbolic system. Relocating an object within the context of an exhibition allows him to insist on a critical situation and highlights aspects underlying its dual situation: the dynamics of desirability and of value creation come together between the economic world and the artistic world. This method insists on seeing artworks as streams of activity that can go on to offer a potentially critical reading of the environments in which they are exhibited.
Paolo Baggi

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Baker Wardlaw, born in 1984 in Ruston (USA), graduated from l’Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL) and the HEAD – Geneva. Before that, he studied French language and lit at Louisiana State University, USA. He has exhibited his work at the Centre d'Art Contemporain (Geneva), Galerie Joy de Rouvre (Geneva), Musée Jenisch, (Vevey), Circuit (Lausanne), and QUARK (Geneva). He also co-directs the artist-run-space Silicon Malley in Lausanne. Given his interest in history, his pieces dialogue with our contemporary society, with recurring themes like industrialization, politics, economy, the digital era, and more. Oscillating between conceptual and formal gestures, he presents his work in such a way that his position and status as a creator disappear from his work – or, at least, are directly questioned – in order to give pride of place to ideas and forms.

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Baker Wardlaw

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