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Ilana Winderickx
On an invitationMarie-Eve Knoerle

Pensées muettes, 2021

Ilana Winderickx's artistic universe is populated by hybrid creatures that float in unsettling atmospheres. She combines this with her practice as a sound artist, which is materialized in her works. Her bestiary reflects an expansive imagination populated by her dreams and narratives. The result is a world where humans and animals dialogue in close proximity, to the point of being symbiotic. Hybridization is also the result of her experimenting with different techniques while on the lookout for new discoveries: ceramics, casts – moulding and then casting in resin or silicone – woodcarving, assembling heterogeneous materials, and sound spatialisation, to name a few.
Marie-Eve Knoerle

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Ilana Winderickx is a Swiss-Belgian artist living in Geneva with a Master's degree in Visual Arts. Her works reflect her strong interest in sculpture, the performing arts, and electronic music production. This is most apparent in her role as electronic music producer and DJ under her alias Derickx. In 2021, she founded the label Lachrymose Rescue out of a sincere, dedicated desire to create a sound space that could act as both an aural ointment and sonic mace. Her works explore notions of the uncanny and symbolism, while also examining different ways of listening. They reside in the narrow interstice between the real and unreal, representing beings both hybrid and strange. Through various techniques of moulding, ceramics and material transformation, she explores notions surrounding protective figures and modifies them. She is also an active member of the art collective Collective Disgrace, whose work consists of sound and light installations made from sculpted objects. 

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Ilana Winderickx

la toupie qui montre les crocs