in the city

20 showcases
20 artists
10 curators

Art au Centre Genève

With the aim of breaking down the barriers separating contemporary art from the public, Halle Nord has organized the group exhibition Art au Centre Genève on a city-wide scale. Its team designed an itinerary through several empty arcades, transforming them into a framework presenting the vibrant local creative scene. This is an original way to forge new links between artists and the city.

Picture it. You’re strolling down the streets of Geneva, minding your own business, when... a lit-up shop window suddenly grabs your attention. You stop to take a closer look. This unique sight offers you new, unexpected perspectives. You walk away, elevated by this exchange of views. The next day, you let yourself drift from street to street in the hopes of a new find. There won’t be any accidents, only encounters!

Art au Centre Genève takes place from the 25th November, 2021 to the 6 March, 2022, inviting you to discover a constellation of works by 20 artists, brought together by 10 exhibition curators. The concept is simple. Each artist has a shop window at their disposal that is visible to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The 20 pieces are spread throughout the heart of Geneva and reveal the singularity and diversity of contemporary artistic creation. This urban itinerary can be undertaken alone or with others, and free guided tours will also be organized on select dates. Keep your eyes peeled!

Designed and developed during the winter of 2020-2021, this large-scale project is an immediate response in solidarity with local artists after the closure of cultural venues during the pandemic. A situation that financially weakened the artistic community, which found it impossible to show its production. More broadly speaking, this project aims to unite various crafts and trades by proposing the unexpected transformation of unoccupied shop windows, while also provoking unexpected encounters between contemporary artists and the general public.