Art au

2nd edition

in the city

20 showcases
20 artists
10 curators

Guided tours

In order to discover the artists installations behind the showcases, Art au Centre Genève offers to the public several guided tours following different themes, accessible to all ages and all levels of art knowledge. With friends, colleagues or family, in the evening or even by bike, come and share a cultural moment!

Free guided tours on registration on weekends. Find all the dates below.

On request, Art au Center Genève can organize paid guided tours for groups.

Reservation and information at:


In order to dive into each world of the invited artists, ART AU CENTRE GENEVE has entrusted a collective of Geneva artists with developing podcasts. This is the collective formed by Zohar J. Avanzi, Alchemilla and Laurent Schmid who like to call themselves the "gardeners of the sixth mass extinction", the team being notably engaged in a long-term project dealing with the magical practice of gardening.

The trio decided to approach each artistic vocabulary in a surprising and willingly daring way. Thus, the genesis of each podcast consists of several stages. The starting point stems from the active participation of a form of artificial intelligence, a generative language model which has called itself Alchemilla and which interacts with the texts relating to the artists, collected upstream by Laurent. From these, Alchemilla has therefore formulated questions and interview proposals which serve as a basis for a relaxed exchange with the various artists. Ultimately, Laurent reworks these elements by bringing a more experimental and mystical connotation. Podcasts, thanks to this dialogue between human and non-human, and to all the poetic cascade effet that ensue, therefore become “endocasts”, from the Latin root endo for inside, offering an immersive and hovering sound work.