Art au

2nd edition

in the city

20 showcases
20 artists
10 curators

Adrian Fernandez Garcia
Invited artists:

Jeanne Tara
Vicente Lesser

Adrian Fernandez Garcia (*1991) is a Geneva-based visual artist. Since graduating from the Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design de Genève in 2016, he has regularly exhibited his work in Switzerland, both in group and solo shows. The nature of his art regularly leads him to experimenting in different domains, notably during residencies for composers, or while preparing public commissions. He is also just as active as a project coordinator, inviting other Geneva-based artists to interact freely within predefined frameworks, like: “Peinture Jaune” at Sattelkammer (2019, Bern) and “Exercice de Parade” at EAC Les Halles (2021, Porrentruy), which are his first two initiatives.

Instagram @hercules1991 

Zabriskie X LIMBO
Invited artists:

Marlène Charpentié
Zahra Hakim

LIMBO is a collective and collaborative space for artistic experimentation and critical reflection. When it was founded, the collective took over a former body shop in the Eaux-vives neighbourhood before experimenting for a year without a space, allowing them to try out different set-ups. Recently, LIMBO moved to Plainpalais and took over the former Zabriskie space. Through its different mutations, LIMBO has always tried to rummage around gaps and interims: those of a city, Geneva, but also of a young, eclectic and inspired art scene. This limbo reflects the exploration of both the artists’ own interstitial spaces and those of the curatorial team. In this very limbo, every project carried out these past three years has offered an occasion for cross-pollination and encounters.


Garance Chabert
Invited artists:

Lauren Huret
Lou Masduraud

Garance Chabert is a curator and art critic. After studying history and art history in Paris, Chabert co-founded the curatorial collective Le Bureau/, for which she organized some twenty exhibitions between 2004 and 2012 in addition to working at the Société Française de Photographie from 2007 to 2012. Since 2012, she has been Director of contemporary art center, La Villa du Parc, in Annemasse, in the Greater Geneva area. There, she programs exhibitions, residencies, publications, and events taking place outside the museum, supports artists and their experimental creative projects, while educating the public on contemporary art. Having specialized in images, she has written many texts for the press on the practice of appropriation, and published a work of reference entitled Les artistes iconographes in 2018. Since 2020, she lectures on the history and theory of photography, while instructing visual arts students enrolled in the “Info/Fiction” program at HEAD Geneva.

Instagram @villaduparc_centredart

Claude-Hubert Tatot
Invited artists:

Vidya Gastaldon
Cyril Vandenbeusch

Born in a working-class family in Ecuisses, Claude-Hubert Tatot (*1964) studied art history in Lyon and now teaches it at HEAD Geneva. As a member of ICOM (the International Council of Museums) since 1994, he has worked to serve the public in museums in Lyon, Bourg-en-Bresse, and Nîmes. He has directed the educational programme at the MAMCO and the Centre d'art contemporain de Genève and the collection “Art y es-tu ?” artists’ books for children. Winner of Geneva’s “Bourse de la mediation” grant, he created the free contemporary art magazine Start with Alexia Turlin, made by artists for kids. Commentator, art critic and member of the AICA (International Association of Art Critics) since 2000, he has regularly published articles and other texts. Among the exhibitions he has curated are “Tony Morgan, The Birth of Herman, 1971-1978” at the MAMCO in 2003; “Cabinet de curiosités” at l’Espace Abraham Joli in 2009, and “Curiosa rotica” at Galerie Humus during the 2012 “Fête du slip” in Lausanne. He also presented a series of objects and images for an Halle Nord capsule exhibition entitled “Art et decoration” in 2017.

Frédéric Post
Invited artists:

Nathalie Rebholz
Fabien Clerc

Frédéric Post is a visual artist and coordinator of many collective projects in Geneva. In 2003, he was awarded the “Bourse fédérale” national grant, and in 2004 he became a resident at the Istituto Svizzero di Roma. His work as an artist is intimately linked to his curatorial practice and he develops his projects both in public spaces and locations not primarily dedicated to contemporary art. In 2008, he founded the multidisciplinary festival Mos Espa and, since 2010, he has co-directed Motel Campo: an art and music venue in Carouge. As co-founder of the Biennale des espaces d’art Indépendant de Genève (BIG), he was part of the coordinating team of the 2015 and 2017 editions that took place in Plaine de Plainpalais. In 2016, he created Pinta Cura, an emblematic and monumental light installation that played out on the façade of a building in the Grottes district. In 2019, Leopold Banchini Architects reached out to him to become the cultural coordinator of the future Parc de la Jonction, where he could organize participatory events with neighbourhood locals.


Alexia Turlin
Invited artists:

Céline Peruzzo
Florence Vuilleumier & Pierre-Philippe Freymond

Born in Geneva in 1973, Alexia Turlin is an artist, teacher, curator, mediator and mountain guide. She has been living and working for almost 20 years between Valais (in Val d'Hérens) and Geneva. With degrees from École Émile Cohl (Lyon), the Haute école d'art et de design (HEAD - Geneva), and the École des arts visuels du Valais (EDHEA), her work centres around the mountaniscape of the Alps, which inspires her drawings, paintings, films, sculptures, and installations. Her pieces explore the environment, resulting in a very diverse oeuvre. Her work has been awarded numerous prizes and is regularly shown in Switzerland and abroad. Alexia Turlin is also a teacher (HEAD) and founded the association Milkshake Agency in 2004, which she uses to organize group exhibitions and personal events devoted to other artists.


Patricia Buck
Invited artists:

Makiko Furuichi
Guillaume Mazauric

As head of exhibitions at Nantes’ le lieu unique since 2006, PB is accustomed to dialoguing with artists, planning ever new projects and defending radical scenographic choices – sometimes dictated by restrictive budgets. She has worked with artists, architects and designers with aesthetics as disparate as Le Gentil Garçon, Berdaguer & Péjus, Les Requins Marteaux, Block Architectes, Jean Lecointre, Daniel Johnston, Patrick Bouchain, Théo Mercier, Luc Morvandiau, Winter & Horbelt, Jérôme Zonder, and Kynia Maruyama – to name only a few. Her curiosity has sometimes led her to very different projects, like organizing an original production bringing together poet Anne-James Chaton, guitarist Andy Moor (The Ex), and electronic composer Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai). As an independent curator, she collaborated with Jean Blaise – the director of Le Voyage à Nantes – and author Joy Sorman to create the exhibition “Présentée vivante” in 2013, which was part of the inauguration of Marseille’s Le Mucem. Alongside architecture critic Rafael Magrou, she also came up with the concept for “Playgrounds”: permanent or temporary public works that were the highlights of the 2012, 2014 and 2015 editions of the “Le Voyage à Nantes” summer event.

Invited artists:

Eytana Acher

Cherish is both an art collective and an exhibition space. Founded in 2019 by four artists (Mohamed-Almusibli, James Bantone, Thomas Liu Le Lann, and Ser Serpas) in a house located in the Petit-Lancy area, Cherish subverts the traditional norms and imperatives of presenting art in an exhibition space, which is done by inviting the public into a domestic space with its own typological dynamics and narratives. Cherish lends its support to young artists and pays particular attention to new emerging practices, theories, and contemporary aesthetics in Switzerland and abroad. The space is currently managed and programmed by Mohamed-Almusibli (artist and curator), James Bantone (artist) and Marguerite Mikanowski (art historian and curator).

Instagram @cherishhh_ch

Barbara Giongo & Nataly Sugnaux Hernandez
Invited artists:

Antonie Oberson
Jérémie Gindre

After working as production managers for Oscar Gómez Mata’s and Yan Duyvendak’s theatre companies, Giongo and Hernandez took over Le Grütli – a performing arts centre – in 2018. In addition to organizing an annual program dedicated to all performing arts, their project primarily focusses on supporting artists and their creations, as well as the distribution of their work. Their reflection revolves around new modes of production, involving issues related to creation and distribution. To best do this, they created the Bureau des Compagnies: a resource open to everyone. Because public accessibility is a major priority for them, they have set up a variety of policies, like their RELAX evenings, or pay-what-you-can events. Assisting artists is also of the greatest importance to them, underlining their desire to share experiences and knowledge, pool resources, and better understand the stakes linked to cultural professions.

Instagram @ legrutli_artsvivants

Alexandra Nurock & Carole Rigaut
Invited artists:

Mara Krastina
Aurélien Martin

Alexandra Nurock is a visual artist. She graduated from HEAD Geneva in 2017 and received the Red Cross – HEAD Art Prize with Collectif MNGH for her MA diploma project. As winner of the 2018 prize from the Bruckner Foundation for Ceramics, several of her works have been acquired by the City of Geneva’s art collection (FMAC). She was able to apply her interest in exhibition practices with La maison de thé (with Alex Baladi and Yves Levasseur) – an art space and tea salon only open on Mondays (1996) – and Mushrooms – two twin street-level shop windows (2011-2012). 
Carole Rigaut has a degree in philosophy and an MA in visual art. Since 2006, she has been the director of Halle Nord, an art space presenting the work of artists, mainly from the Geneva art scene. She regularly collaborates with the Fonds d'art contemporain de la Ville de Genève, notably as co-curator of the exhibition Tout ce qui se fait sous le soleil (2015) at Le Lieu Unique in Nantes, which showed part of the City of Geneva’s art collection in France for the very first time. She was awarded the City of Geneva's 2012 Mediation Grant for Backdrop Atlas.

Instagram @hallenordcapsules

1. Adrian Fernandez Garcia
2. Zabriskie X LIMBO
3. Garance Chabert
4. Claude-Hubert Tatot
5. Frédéric Post
6. Alexia Turlin
7. Patricia Buck
8. Cherish
9. Barbara Giongo & Nataly Sugnaux Hernandez
10. Alexandra Nurock & Carole Rigaut