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Céline Peruzzo
On an invitation fromAlexia Turlin

Senta !, 2022

Spending her time between Geneva and Zurich, Céline Peruzzo has always been a thrift store junkie who began upcycling long before everyone else realized its environmental impact. She has a taste for fabrics, objects, the living, crafts, and all things beautiful. This is an artist who is able to complete projects that are as disconnected as they are connected, showing the many facets of her creativity, whether they be in fashion or contemporary art. With a twinkle in her eye, she stands at the crossroads of these two worlds, combining savoir-faire and intuition to reveal places, textures, stories, cultures, and even people, for powerful visual experiences.
(Extract from the text written by Karine Tissot)

© Isabelle Meister (portrait)
© Thomas Maisonnasse

Céline Peruzzo (*1980) studied at HEAD before moving to Zurich, where she graduated with an MFA in 2012. Working primarily in sculpture and installation, her art is inspired by everyday life – particularly, the connection we share with objects that have sentimental and/or spiritual value for us. In 2017, she launched Maison Perruche: an experimental pictorial project where clothing, textiles, and furs are upcycled. In 2021, she spent three months in Cairo as part of a Pro Helvetia residency, where she represented Geneva at the “Conférence des villes en matière culturelle”. She then returned for a second stay there, from February to July 2022, where she made sculptures out of textiles inspired by the cityscape. The body occupies a growing place in her recent work: by moulding parts of her own body, she creates objects that are frozen in time – as opposed to flesh, which transforms and withers away.

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Céline Peruzzo

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