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Florence Vuilleumier & Pierre-Philippe Freymond
On an invitation fromAlexia Turlin

Délocalisations 3, 2022

Florence Vuilleumier and Pierre-Philippe Freymond form an artist-duo from Geneva who regularly collaborate on artworks and exhibitions where individual mythologies, anthropology and science meet. Avoiding the traps of formalism, their approach gives pride of place to experiences and process. Entredeux (Éditions art&fiction, 2022) is a first-hand account from two perspectives of their 2010 stay in Wuhan, exploring their mutual interest in China and their shared taste for a formless aesthetic.
(Extract from the text written by Gauthier Huber)

© Isabelle Meister (portrait)
© Vuilleumier&Freymond

Florence Vuilleumier and Pierre-Philippe Freymond are a Geneva-based artist-couple, both of whom graduated from the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (now HEAD). Of Swiss and Vietnamese origin, Florence was trained in Contemporary Dance and Performance Art, before continuing her studies in Sinology and French Literature at the Université de Genève. Today, she paints, draws, writes, and creates micro-editions. Pierre-Philippe is a doctor of science and a biologist by training. He has shown his work at MAMCO (Geneva), MCBA (Lausanne), the Pasquart Center in Bienne, and the Kunstmuseum in Bern. He regularly travels to China to pursue his research on the relationships between scientific and artistic culture, humans and animals, the body and space. These themes are used by both artists to elaborate co-created pieces, like their recent publication Entredeux, L’art et l’informe, explorations en Chine postcontemporaine (“In-Between, Art and the Formless, Explorations in Post-Contemporary China”), published by art&fiction.

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Florence Vuilleumier & Pierre-Philippe Freymond

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