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2nd edition

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20 showcases
20 artists
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Jérémie Gindre
On an invitation fromNataly Sugnaux

Objets oubliés du futur, 2012-2022

Jérémie is an artist:
- he's a writer
- he makes drawings
- he makes sculptures.
As Jérémie is a writer, sometimes in his exhibitions there are texts.
As Jérémie is a draftsman, sometimes in his books there are images.
Jérémie is interested in many things.
These things are for example:
- geographical maps
- the remains of ancient civilizations
- landscapes
- people that travel.
Jérémie loves to exhibit in places other than museums.
He exhibits his works for example:
- on the banks of a river
- inside a cabin in the forest
- in a window display.
Jérémie wanted a text in FALC to present his work.
FALC is the language easy to read and understand.
(Extract of a text written by Marilu Cali in collaboration with ASA-Handicap mental )

© Thomas Maisonnasse
© Isabelle Meister (portrait)

Born in 1978, Jérémie Gindre is a Swiss artist and writer, who lives and works in Geneva. To date, he has published about fifteen works in various forms – novels, short stories, essays, journals, comics, roman-photos, a hiking guide – and has been part of several exhibitions that bring together drawing, sculpture, and text. His works strongly feature his interest in geography and history, and are especially focussed on questions of landscape, mapping, geology, archaeology, folklore, and tourism. His solo exhibitions have been presented at Kunsthaus Baselland, Kunstmuseum Thun, Kunsthalle Fri-Art in Fribourg, Circuit in Lausanne, Kiosk in Ghent, Belgium, as well as at the Centre d’art contemporain La Criée in Rennes, France. His works have been published by Zoé, L’Olivier, Lendroit, Fink, Boabooks, Dasein, Rollo Press, Bülbooks, Sombres Torrents, and Motto.  

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Windows displays: courtesy of l'Office cantonal des Bâtiments

Jérémie Gindre

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