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Makiko Furuichi
On an invitation fromPatricia Buck

Gasa gasa, zawa zawa, zoku zoku, 2022

Grimacing faces and little thieving hands that are tiny, tickling, and mischievous... Makiko Furuichi's subjects come from a tragicomic world tinged with something the Japanese call niyari: the grotesque spirit of a thing that is both ugly and funny. This sincere form of buffoonery strives to explore inanity in all its different manifestations – and more particularly in weakness and fragility. For her, painting is a daily exercise, where her drawings and watercolours act like the pages of a journal recording her thoughts and reflections during a moment of joy or sadness. Makiko Furuichi seeks out the beautiful and the grotesque, the scary and the cute using a variety of references, like Hieronymus Bosch’s bizarre monstrosities, or the fantastic melancholy of Johann Heinrich Füssli.
Extract of the text written by Francis Coraboeuf

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Born in 1987 in Kanazawa, Japan, Makiko Furuichi lives and works in Nantes. She graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Nantes (2011) and from the Kanazawa College of Art in Japan (2009). She produces her pictorial work using different media – including installations and sculptures – though she mainly uses watercolours and oil. In 2021, when she was awarded an Ackerman + Fontevraud residency, she whitewashed the former abbey’s monumental cellars. Taking inspiration from cave art, she covered the fifty-three-metre-long (174 ft.) and seven-metre-high (23 ft.) gallery. In her colorful scenes of everyday life, we often find phantasmagorical elements, like the “Yokai”: supernatural, hybrid creatures from Japanese legends. Her work as a publisher includes more than fifteen solo and group publications, including graphic novels and artist’s books.

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Windows display: courtesy of Fondation Coromandel

Makiko Furuichi

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