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Nathalie Rebholz
On an invitation fromFrédéric Post

VRRR…DOSS…GWAAN…BLO! (Série Speculari & Considerare), 2022

Her psychedelic aesthetic is still alive and well in the flyers found on her website, Joyfully Waiting, which features sound pieces, and is written with a specific and extremely round font[1] that she created by purpose in 1998 in order to “write with bubbles”. These “flyers”, which she composes with photographs of underwater landscapes in the background, reflect her intense relationship to nature, present in her earliest photographs of lakes and mountains in the Villeneuve of her youth – like in her 2002 “Goddess” series, and in her recent immersive installation of landscapes filmed in Martinique. And, by creating her own meditative sounds – composed of natural recordings mixed with human technology that are an integral part of nature – she arrives at an alteration of consciousness.
(Extract from the text written by Jeanne Graff)

© Isabelle Meister (portrait)
© Thomas Maisonnasse

Nathalie Rebholz is a Swiss-Martinican artist who was born in Athens and now lives and works in Geneva. She has an MFA (“Work Master” from HEAD) and a degree in Visual Communication, with a specialization in Photography from ECAL in Lausanne. Through different media, like performance, sound art, poetry, and installation, she explores the aesthetic conditions that allow a work to act on the modalities of consciousness. Her work is inspired by her practice of yoga, meditation, shamanic travel and motherhood. In her career, Rebholz has performed at the Instituto Svizzero Venezia, Cherishhh, Espace Labo, LivingyourHead, Corner College, l’Arsenic, l’Écurie, the Mosespa Festival, and Cave 12. Her work has also been the subject of solo exhibitions (Labo, La Placette, Analix, Galerie J, Abstract) and group shows (1m3 in Lausanne, New Jerseyy in Basel, Nuke in Paris, Rodeo Gallery in Istanbul, Fuori Pescara, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, and the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris). In 2020, she founded the web platform “Joyfully Waiting”, where she invites artists to create works of sound art.

Instagram @nathalierebholz

Window display: courtesy of GELATOMANIA

Nathalie Rebholz

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