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Antonie Oberson
On an invitation fromBarbara Giongo

Autres-qu’humainxes, 2022

From the hands that feel to the gaze that enacts, Antonie Oberson probes their environment to restore its softness and tensions, like telluric purr. As a moral observer of the social and environmental realities of our time, Oberson offers us delicate yet incisive works in which we are invited to slow down, lower the volume, and accept our doubts – without ever stopping. Nor should we forget to play, either! In 2020, the artist turned to scenography in order to embrace the things that give their creation full meaning: exchange and cooperation. From (non)human bodies to material-gazes, this artist-scenographer – one who titillates without devouring – suggests that we take stock of life, through an ecology of attention.
(Extract from the text written by Al S. Gutierrez)

© Isabelle Meister (portrait)
© Nicolas Brodard
© Nagi Gianni
© Thomas Delley

Autres-qu’humainxes, 2022

Antonie Oberson was born in the canton of Fribourg. His artistic practices range from scenography to installation, sculpture, writing, and performance, while his interests revolve around the spatial relationships between bodies on a stage or elsewhere, be they human or otherwise, in constant tension between flexibility and domestication. Oberson has a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from HEAD Geneva, as well as a Master’s in Visual Arts from the Institut Kunst in Basel. Since 2017, Oberson has formed a partnership with Lucile Pochon, where they work on performance and the notion of duos, in parallel to their respective artistic practices. In September 2020, Oberson joined the Master’s program at the Manufacture, specializing in scenography. In 2021, Oberson designed the scenography for Mélanie Gobet’s original production i’m a loner at Théâtre Nuithonie, and, in 2022, he aided the Old Masters collective in their original production of Home Of My Spirit at L’Arsenic and Théâtre Saint-Gervais.

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Antonie Oberson

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